Active Elements


About taking Active Elements® formulas

Adults & Children 12 years and over:

The labelled dose of your self-selected, recommended, or prescribed Active Elements® formulas, will either be: One tablet twice a day, or, one tablet every two hours, depending upon the formula/s chosen.

You should follow these instructions (or those of your health practitioner, if different from what was on the label) as best you can. Any Active Elements® formula can be safely taken at doses ranging from 1 to 6 tablets a day.

Tablets can be chewed or swallowed with water. (Chewing, although unpleasant for many people) assists absorption by bringing the minerals into direct contact with the lining of your mouth).

Children 2 to 11 years of age:

Give ½ adult dose as per instructions above.

Note: Tablets given to children must always be chewed or crushed and mixed with food, or drink.

Babies (under 2 years of age):

Not suitable, unless under the supervision of a health practitioner.

Pregnancy & Breast Feeding:

All Active Elements® formulas are safe to be taken at the labelled dose during pregnancy, or whilst breast feeding.

Please Note: If you are currently taking medications prescribed by your doctor, you should seek advice before taking the Active Elements® formulas.

Please also read-carefully all warnings, or precautions that may be printed on the label.