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Maintaining your access to the Active Elements® Assessment System

To protect consumers and the good name of Active Elements Pty Ltd our website is constantly being monitored for any signs of misuse.

Doing the right thing by your clients:

The over-arching commitment of Active Elements Pty Ltd is to serve the needs, interests and rights of the end-user of our products.

Your account will be suspended immediately if you use the Active Elements® Assessment System to sell other products and/or services in lieu of Active Elements® Formulas to your clients.

Your account will be automatically suspended if an un-viewed client assessment remains in our system for more than Five days (120 hours). Our system will send you an email reminder every 24 hours during this Five day period alerting you to the situation.

Please note that this automatic suspension of your account serves to protect both you and your clients. For example, if you were rendered unable to review your client's new assessments but your clients were not made aware of this, they would still expect you to contact them in a timely fashion. Potentially time-critical issues relayed to you by your clients via the assessment system would be missed.

Active Elements Pty Ltd also reserves the right to suspend your account if you have not purchased Active Elements® products for a period greater than 90 days and continue to use the Active Elements® Assessment System.

Note: If your account is suspended you will not be able to enter any new clients, or process new assessments for existing clients. You will still retain unlimited access to your “Business Centre” area and be able to view all existing client records in a read-only state. Clients attempting to complete an assessment while your account is suspended will receive an on-screen notification referring them back to you. They will not receive any messages that may cause you embarrassment. Once you have viewed all outstanding assessments, your account will be reactivated within an hour.

If you have any reason to believe that your account is about to be suspended, or has been suspended unfairly—you should contact us immediately.