Active Elements


About special mineral relationships

Through electrical attraction, positively and negatively charged chemical elements bind together to form what are called, mineral salts. The positively charged element that forms a mineral salt is called a ’cation’, and the negatively charged element is called an ‘anion’.

Science generally only considers the physiological role that the cation component of a mineral salt’ plays in the body. Active Elements Pty Ltd believe that the action of the anion is quite often as important, or even more important than that of the cation. The mineral salts formed from these positively and negatively charged chemical elements are those that are common to the earth and therefore, common to the food chain.

Active Elements Pty Ltd have taken these special relationships into consideration when designing their formulas. These special relationships reduce considerably the number of mineral salts that need to be included in a formula. The Active Elements® system has been designed so that only one or two formulas need to be taken for any symptom or condition, and that there be no unnecessary duplication of cations, or anions contained in the chosen formula/s.

The Active Elements® concept has completely transformed a previously complicated and confusing therapy into one that’s readily accessible to a wide range of people, including those who would not normally choose Complementary or Alternative Medicine.