Active Elements


About mineral Imbalance

The fundamental principle of the Active Elements® concept is that ‘mineral imbalances’ are more common than realised, and that these imbalances Impact adversely on the body’s natural state of wellbeing.

Active Elements Pty Ltd deliberately use the term ‘mineral imbalance’, as opposed to others who use the term ‘mineral deficiency’.

Science says that except for iron deficiency anaemia, which is common for women in all societies, mineral deficiencies per se, are rare in the developed world.

What exists though, are relative imbalances between the various minerals within the body, particularly those minerals that function as natural antagonists, or those that work closely together as synergistic pairs. Every moment of every day, the body is absorbing minerals, excreting them, or shifting them from one place to another so that mineral balance is maintained.

It’s the elements of, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, sulphur, chlorine, and oxygen, that do all the heavy physiological lifting within the body. The vital functions of; maintaining electrical charge balance, maintaining blood and interstitial fluid Ph, and producing, distributing, and releasing body energy, are all examples of processes that would fail, if mineral balance was not maintained.

In a study of the most common presenting symptoms, the symptom that was most common, was tiredness and lack of energy. Considering the vital role that minerals play regarding energy production, and the fact that humans, given the chance will burn their candle from both ends - sometimes, there just isn’t enough energy to go around. The body will first expend energy on processes that are essential for preserving life, and then give you what’s left over - perhaps the reason why ‘tiredness’ is such a common symptom.

Mineral balance is relative and determined by the mineral resources available at the time. Just as two children, one heavier than the other, will maintain their balance on a seesaw if the heavier child moves or leans in toward the centre, so too will the body move its balance-point according to the mineral resources available at the time - it will cut its suit to fit the cloth.

Therefore, the actual point at which mineral balance is taking place, doesn’t just determine whether we walk, talk, and think tomorrow - but rather, HOW WELL, we walk, talk, and think tomorrow!

Active Elements Pty Ltd is the only company in the world that combines homoeopathically prepared mineral salts, with low doses of their physical mineral counterparts, in a lactose and gluten free base.